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Navarasa Theory in the Sarvabuddhasamāyoga-ḍākinījāla-saṃvaratantra Reconsidered
Chinese Characters Devised for the Phonetic Transcription of Sanskrit Mantras and Verses
Found in Translations of Tantras from the Northern Song and Liao Dynastie123
The Lokeśvarakalpa and the Yi-qie-fo she-xiang-ying da-jiao-wang-jing
sheng-guan-zi-zai pu-sa nian-song-yi-gui
4 A Depiction of Sukhāvatī from Gandhāra?
5 On the So-called Garbhadhātu-maṇḍala in Cave No.3 of An-xi Yu-lin Cave
6 The Tradition of the Garbha-mandala in Tibet and Its Sand Mandala Creation
7 Kumārajīva and the Sandalwood Image(Tib. Tsan dan jo bo)